We The Immigrants / 移民的人在做什么

李药,软件工程师 / 音乐人,十六岁移民加拿大,至今在多伦多居住十八年。


这是一首移民写的歌,也是一首写给移民的歌曲. 因为如果移民的故事不能被记录下来,流传下去,这将是移民一代人最沉痛的悲哀。

Dr. Ugli, software engineer / musician. He immigrated to Canada at the age of 16 and has lived in Toronto for 18 years.

Different from the songs he created during the Children’s Hospital band period, pays more attention to the inner feelings of immigrants. Mixing folk and electronic in styles, the song outlines the daily life of immigrants overseas. No fiction or exaggeration of a certain kind of sadness or happiness, the song only describes some simple everyday scenes, and asks a question: what are the immigrants doing?

This a song written by immigrants, and a song written for immigrants. Because if the story of immigration cannot be documented and passed on, it will be the deepest agony of the entire generation.

Song written by Dr. Ugli
Produced by WISEFAKE
Vocal: Dr. Ugli
Backup Vocals: Ying Guo, Qingyu He
Cover designed by Qingyu He
released February 22, 2019
© ℗ Briefnote Records 2019